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Pendant lights stylishly light up the home and bring the room together. Vivio Lighting offers a wide variety of pendant lights that work wonderfully in several applications. Shop HomElectrical to find the perfect pendant light from Vivio Lighting!

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What is a pendant light?

A pendant light hangs from the ceiling by a cord, chain, or rod and typically refers to a lone fixture which adds a minimalist yet elegant tone to any room.

Put a pendant light in the entryway to welcome your guests or in the dining room to create a warm atmosphere at holiday dinners or create an entertainment area in the living room by placing a pendant light above the TV. Add lighting to the kitchen by placing a pendant light above the kitchen island or put a pendant light above your bathroom vanity to act as a vanity light. A mini pendant works well above seating areas.

A pendant light can work as the only source of light in the room, or it can supplement other ceiling lights or table lamps.

What are the style and finish options?

Vivio Lighting pendants come in a wide range of style options that give a unique look to the room, including round pendant lights, globe pendants, ring lights, cages, squares, and many more unique looks. These styles range from simple and minimalist to ornate and eye-catching to mid-century modern design and can match the room furniture.

Vivio Lighting finish options include nickel, brushed nickel, polished nickel, chrome, steel, and wood, while colors include coffee brown, silver, gold, matte gold, and matte black finish options. These different colors can match the décor of the room or match other lighting fixtures or wall plates.

Glass shade color options for glass pendants include clear glass, frosted glass, and clear seeded glass pendant lights.

What size light should I get?

The size of the light depends on the size of the room and the function of the light. For example, in an entryway, a smaller-sized entry light provides ambient lighting, while in a kitchen island, large pendants provide task lighting for activities such as chopping vegetables. If the kitchen island functions as a dining table rather than a workspace, use a fixture that provides more ambient lighting.

Recommendations say that pendant lights need 30-36 inches of clearance between the surface, such as an island or dining table, and the bottom of the fixture. Before installing pendant lights, consider the length of the fixture and whether you have a high ceiling, and make sure the diameter of the light leaves a 6-inch clearance on each side of the island.

Are bulbs included?

Most Vivio Lighting products do not include bulbs, allowing you to choose your own light bulbs and color temperature. Most of the products with the bulb not included use LED bulbs with an E26 medium base, and the products with integrated LED bulbs use a color temperature of 3000K to 4000K.

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