Vivio Lighting Vanity Light

Light your bathroom in style with Vivio Lighting Vanity Lights! Vanity light fixtures function as task lighting above your bathroom mirror and provide a light source as you get ready for the day. Shop HomElectrical to find the perfect energy efficient bathroom vanity light from Vivio Lighting!

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Where can I put vanity lights?

Install vanity lights above the vanity mirror or bedroom vanity table where they work as essential bathroom lighting fixtures. Vanity lights provide task lighting while the ceiling lights provide ambient lighting, although in the absence of a ceiling light, vanity lights can act as ambient lights as well.

How many vanity lights should I use?

The amount of vanity lights you need to use depends on the size of the vanity itself, which allows you to customize the lights to the width of the vanity cabinets or table with a range of a single bulb to 4 bulbs. Aim for 70 lumens per square foot of the vanity top you wish to illuminate and for a double sink vanity, opt for one fixture above each sink.

What are the style and finish options?

Vivio Lighting offers many style options including wall sconces, rectangle lights, and vanity light bars. You can choose the style option that you prefer and that you think makes the room look best.

Customize the finish options to match the rest of your bathroom décor and provide the desired look and feel. Matte black matches many décor options and gives the bathroom a modern look, while polished or brushed nickel options also modernize the bathroom. Gold gives the bathroom a more antique, traditional look, and two-tone options, such as matte black and gold, matte black with wood accents, and matte black and nickel, make the bathroom stand out.

The glass shade affects how the light get distributed throughout the bathroom. Glass shade options include clear glass and seeded glass, which uses tiny bubbles to give it a unique look as it does not entirely appear clear, and makes objects seen through it, including the light bulb, have a bubbly appearance as well.

Why choose Vivio Lighting?

Vivio Lighting by HOMEnhancements offers high quality, stylish lighting fixtures that can make any room eye-catching. Never again sacrifice fashion for function when you use products from Vivio Lighting. With a wide array of colors and styles, you will find something you will love that transforms your bathroom vanity into the perfect place to prepare for the day!
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