BRAVA Series Electric Baseboard

The Stelpro BRAVA series baseboard offers a durable baseboard heater with rounded corners and a one-piece design. They can use either a built-in or wall thermostat for your convenience. Shop HomElectrical to find a Stelpro BRAVA series baseboard heater!

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What is a Stelpro BRAVA series baseboard heater?

Baseboard heaters mount horizontally to the baseboard of a wall and use convection heating to warm a room. The heater takes in the surrounding air, heat it, and then release it. The warm air then rises while the cool air drops. The heater then heats the cool air, creating a cycle.

The Stelpro BRAVA series offers a strong and durable baseboard with a no-end-cap design and one-piece construction. Use them in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, or offices.

What features does a Stelpro BRAVA baseboard heater offer?

The Stelpro BRAVA baseboard heater offers a quieter heater with a heating element floating in nylon sleeves to reduce expansion and contraction noises. They also use boxed aluminum fins to improve heat dissipation. They offer standard models and models designed for use at higher altitudes.

The BRAVA series Stelpro electric baseboard heater offers these features:

  • Variety of length options ranging from 1.5-8.5 feet
  • Rounded corners
  • Knockouts for the BX and clamps for the NMD cables located at each end

Optional controls:

  • Wall thermostat
  • Built in thermostat installed in left or right junction box
  • Single pole electronic thermostat installed in the left or right junction box
  • Low voltage relay kit installed in left junction box only

Is an electronic thermostat included?

The wall thermostat is not included. You can find Stelpro electronic thermostats for baseboards, electronic thermostats for fan heaters, and more, over at our Stelpro thermostats category.

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