NovaLux LED Corn Bulb

Find a full selection of NovaLux LED corn bulb lights from HomElectrical. Our selection ranges from 20 watts to 200 watts and offers a selection of cover types and color temperatures. The bulbs offer a cost effective and energy efficient replacement for metal halide or fluorescent lighting fixtures, so find the one that meets your needs with HomElectrical.

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What is an LED corn bulb?

NovaLux LED Corn Bulbs offer an excellent replacement for traditional metal halide or fluorescent lighting fixtures. Our selection of NovaLux LED corn bulbs saves over 60 percent in energy and are IP60 rated. They offer high lumen output, 10-side light shine out, and a long lifespan. A NovaLux corn bulb will feature a thermal pad for heat transferring and an internal double stage power supply. We carry wattages ranging from 20 to 200 watts.

What is an LED Corn Bulb Used For?

Use LED corn bulb lights in industrial or commercial lighting to replace incandescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium, or fluorescent bulbs. An LED corn bulb is ideal for street lighting, warehouse lighting, gymnasium lighting, public area lighting, and post top lighting.

Why Should I Switch From Metal Halide Bulbs to LEDs?

LED lights have a level of power, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness that outperforms every other lighting source currently on the market.

LEDs Last Longer

LEDs can last anywhere from 3 times to 10 times longer than metal halide lights. When running a business such as a sporting facility or a warehouse, this can translate into thousands upon thousands of dollars in savings. Having to replace dozens of bulbs once every decade instead of once every few months or years also saves labor costs and time and cuts down on maintenance issues related to failed bulbs.

For example, a warehouse that's open 250 days of the year for 10 hours has their lights on for 2,500 hours annually. A metal halide bulb has a lifespan range of between 6,000 and 15,000 hours, with a median of 10,500. LED corn bulbs have a lifespan range of 25,000 hours and up, with the most common upper limit being 100,000 hours. That would make the median 63,500 hours. If our example warehouse used metal halide bulbs, they would need to replace every bulb in the warehouse approximately every 4 years. If the warehouse is just getting started, they might not be able to afford to pay for a second round of bulbs within their first 5 years, like many businesses. On the other hand, if this warehouse had installed LEDs when it opened for business, they wouldn't need to worry about buying new bulbs for another 25.4 years. The LEDs would last them more than 6 times as long!

LEDs Perform Better

LED corn bulbs are ready when you are. Whether your gearing up for the football match-up of the year or lighting your parking lot for your evening shoppers, LEDs are on and ready within seconds of flipping the switch. However, metal halide lights can take as much as half an hour to warm up enough to reach their optimum illumination point. so you would either have to remember to turn the lights on well before you need them (wasting time, energy, and money), or risk delaying whatever activity you need the lights for in order to wait for them to be ready to do their job (which could also result in a loss of time, energy, and money depending upon the circumstances.

Metal halide lights also carry risk of combustion which can cause damage to property or harm to customers or employees. As LEDs age, however, they simply get less bright. While this may not be convenient, it isn't harmful to your workers or clients. An LED dimming due to age also gives you fair warning that it's time to order more bulbs, versus other forms of illumination which will go out suddenly and leave you in the dark until you can get new units.

LEDs Save Energy

An LED corn bulb gives off superior light at a fraction of the energy costs as many other bulbs. For instance, compared to the average metal halide bulb, LEDs use as much as 50% less energy. That means 50% less money you have to spend on your electricity costs for lighting your home or business. Because of this efficiency, LEDs also stay cool, so they can brighten up a space without bringing your staff or patrons to a boil. Meanwhile, about 75% of the electricity used to run a metal halide bulb is completely wasted in the form of heat instead of light.

With LED corn bulbs giving you the most short-term and long-term bang for your buck, it's easy to see why so many schools, warehouses, factories, public works offices, police departments, parks, and even individual home owners are switching to LED in droves!
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