Decorative Wall Light

LED decorative wall lights are great outdoor lighting fixtures often used outside of residential buildings with a dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor for easy use. These surface mounted wall light fixtures offer a soft white 3000K color temperature ideal for ambient lighting. Wet rated with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, these decorative light fixtures are perfect for any commercial or residential application. Shop at HomElectrical and start saving energy today!

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Are decorative lights only to be mounted on a wall on the exterior of a building?

Decorative wall lights are the perfect addition to the outside of retail businesses, warehouses, office buildings, and more. They come with photocell sensors that help to provide security lighting. These decorative wall light fixture are IP rated and have instant on and off features, though, they are not dimmable. They can be surface mounted to the wall and provide ultimate energy savings with their dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor and are mercury free! 

Are decorative lights just for decoration?

Decorative lights are not just for decoration! These lighting fixtures are great for providing a nice and even light outside of your home or in other locations. The decorative LED lights are weather resistant and are ideal for use in areas to provide security, accent lighting, and other general wall applications. They also are a direct replacement to incandescent bulbs and provide an instant on and off feature with their dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor. 

Are decorative wall lights less bright than other fixtures such as landscape lighting?

Depending on what color temperature your lighting fixture emits, your decorative light could be less bright than other lights or could even be brighter. These decorative LED lights emit a more yellow-like light which may be less bright than most other outdoor lights. The decorative light fixture emits a uniform "soft white light" that is energy saving and efficient with the photocell sensor. Read more about color temperature!

Are decorative wall lights dimmable?

Our decorative lights are not dimmable, but they do come with a photocell sensor which may be more useful for you.  These outdoor lights come with a dusk to dawn timer that will turn on at sunset and off and dawn. This function makes the decorative LED light hands free and very durable.
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