How to Install Your USB Wall Outlet

By shakir_williams on 05/09/2018

installing usb wall outlet

Upgrading your old receptacles to USB-enabled outlets can be very simple. If you’re interested in installing USB wall outlets, there are two ways you can wire them:

*Caution* Always make sure to turn the power off to your circuit breaker before installing the receptacle in the wall.

1. Loop the wire around the terminal screws and tighten the screws

2. If you are attaching two wires to the same terminal, simply insert the wires through the terminal holes and then tighten the screws.

Rule of Thumb:

1. Always connect HOT wire to the HOT terminal screw (normally brass colored)

2. Always connect NEUTRAL wire to the NEUTRAL terminal screw (normally silver)

3. Always connect GREEN or BROWN wire to the GROUND terminal (green screw)

installing usb enabled outlet

What is a GFCI USB outlet?

GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. USB wall outlets with self-grounding ability will shut off power leading to the receptacle if a ground fault occurs. GFCI outlets help protect individuals from electrical shock hazards that occur when an outlet or device is exposed to water.

Are USB charger outlets tamper resistant?

We offer a variety of USB-enabled electrical outlets that are tamper resistant. Tamper resistant outlets can protect anyone from tampering with the device and will help prevent electrical shock hazards. These outlets come equipped with a spring-loaded shutter that will close off the opening to prevent insertion of small foreign objects.


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