Which USB Outlet Do I Need?

Thanks to modern technology, now you have a way to plug in your appliances AND charge your devices, all with the same outlet. Wall outlets are now being equipped with USB charging ports compatible for any computer, tablet, or mobile device. They feature both single and duplex outlets with dual USB charging ports, so you never run out of places to charge. If you’re looking to upgrade those old receptacles with USB enabled-outlets, here are a few things you should know:

What are the different types of ports?

  • USB A Port -- USB A is the standard rectangular shape USB outlet that everyone is familiar with, and is found in older computers, keyboards, and phone charging blocks.
  • USB B Port -- USB B is a wider charging port than A.
  • USB Micro Port -- This is the standard rectangular shape micro port often found in digital cameras and cell phones.
  • USB C Port --  Type C USB’s are a new standard for electronic charging ports. This type of charging port is rounded on the edges, and about the size of a micro USB connector. Type C chargers will deliver the maximum power available to reduce the time the device is plugged in.

What is safe-charging?

Safe-Charging protects from over currents or over charging, that can cause the power circuit to short.

What devices are USB outlets compatible with?

  • iPad mini
  • iPhone
  • Tablets
  • Android phones
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth headsets
  • Digital Cameras
  • And more
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Switch to USB outlets to easily plug your phone directly into the wall to charge it, without use of an adapter. Some aspects you need to consider include your circuit breaker's power output, max amperage needed to charge the devices, and ground fault protection.

USB wall sockets improve convenience and allow you to charge your device without an adapter. When choosing a USB outlet, consider the electrical outlet rating, size, whether they are duplex or single, and max amperage.

When upgrading your receptacles to USB-enabled outlets, you need to ensure that you do so safely. Follow the steps to install the receptacle and connect the correct wires to the correct terminal.

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