Eurofase LED Downlights

Illuminate your commercial and residential indoor spaces with LED downlights from Eurofase. Eurofase sells a wide variety of downlight and recessed light options to fit your space. Shop HomElectrical to find the right lighting solution from Eurofase today!

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What is a downlight?

A downlight, like its name implies, refers to a fixture that directs the light downward and typically recesses into the ceiling. Recessed downlights typically consist of two parts: the trim, or outside of the fixture, and the housing, which holds the bulb. Since the housing of recessed downlights often resembles a can, these lights also get referred to as can lights. Some downlights face straight down while others can rotate for an angled beam.

They work in commercial settings such as offices, stores, and restaurants, or residential settings such as kitchens, basements, or living rooms. To properly space your downlights, place them at least 2 feet away from the wall, and to figure out the spacing between each fixture, divide the ceiling height by 2. In the kitchen, make sure your downlighting creates a sharp beam on the worktop so that you can see what you’re doing. In the living room, you can use downlighting to highlight specific architectural features or parts of the furniture.

What downlights does Eurofase offer?

Eurofase offers many types of downlights with different options for color finish, color temperature, and lumens, as well as a choice between options for new construction, existing construction, or remodels. Some of the new construction fixtures offer a frame-in plate. Colors include all-black, all-white, black can with white trim, and white can with black trim.

The number of lights in each fixture ranges from one to four. The four-light fixtures come in quad options with the lights laid out in a 2x2 square, or a 4x1 row.

These fixtures can fit into a standard household 120V outlet. Lumens range from 1200 lm to 10000 lm, while color temperatures include 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K, as well as selectable color temperatures. The lights in some fixtures can adjust to focus in a specific direction, while others stay rigid.

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