Eurofase Electric Heaters

Keep your restaurant patio or other outdoor space open all year long with an electric heater from Eurofase. Eurofase offers many types of radiant electric patio heaters with different face plate, wattage, voltage, color, square feet, and element options. Shop HomElectrical to find the perfect ceiling or flush mounted electric heater from Eurofase today!

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What is an electric heater?

An electric heater uses electricity as a fuel, rather than natural gas like most heaters. Electric heaters can run in many types of ways, including fan-forced and radiant. Fan-forced heaters use a heating element to heat the air, which then gets forced out by a fan. Radiant heaters, also known as infrared heaters, generate heat which warms people and objects rather than the air. This makes a great option for outdoor spaces such as patios, since no energy gets wasted trying to heat the outside air, and elements such as wind don’t affect the heat.

Electric heaters have a lower installation cost compared to gas heaters, and they have lower maintenance. They also last longer than gas heaters. Gas heaters, like any gas appliances, pose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, but electric heaters avoid this problem.

Electric heaters do have some disadvantages in certain applications. Electricity costs more than gas, and the heater takes longer to power up. If you plan on using your heater in a small space or a warmer climate, these disadvantages won’t affect you very much, and the lower cost of installation makes the higher cost of the electricity worth it.

What electric heater options does Eurofase offer?

Eurofase offers a wide variety of energy efficient electric radiant heaters. They can be flush, wall, or ceiling mounted. The heaters offer a choice of face plate designs, including Clover, Brix, Chevron, Astra, Mason, and Stella. You can also get an option with only a grill instead of a designed heating plate . Face plates, while not a necessary part of a heater, add aesthetic and can match the flooring pattern or other patterns of the space.

Choose between a black, white, or stainless steel color finish. Wattage options include 4000W and 5000W. Voltage options include 208V, 240V, 277V and 480V. When installing these cETLus Listed heaters, make sure to follow local codes.

The heaters come in single and dual element options. A heating element converts electric energy into heat. They typically contain a rod which electric current flows through. Single element heaters contain one rod, while dual element heaters contain two rods. Dual element heaters have a further outreach than single element heaters and typically have a higher wattage count.

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