Ericson Retractable Cable Reel

Ericson offers retractable cable reel options that work in a variety of workspaces. Find retractable cord reels for use in commercial, industrial, or hazardous work environments. They also offer static discharge cable reels available in different length options. Shop HomElectrical to discover an Ericson cable reel!

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Why use a retractable cable reel?

Retracting cord reels wind the cord or cable back up after you finish using it. This allows you to safely store the cable without risk of tangling or other damage. Certain cable reels may include an extension cord or other secondary attachment, like a tri-tap or connector for added convenience.

Retractable cable reels help prioritize safety and organization in the workspace. You can find retractable cable reels that sit on the floor or mount to the wall or ceiling. This allows you to work without tripping over cords.

What retractable cable reels does Ericson offer?

Ericson offers a selection of retractable cable reel series that may work in industrial, commercial, or heavy-duty environments. Each feature unique benefits, such as:

Flex Rig series cable reels work for light industrial duty applications. These reels use a reinforced steel construction and black nylon hubs. Ericson’s Flex Rig cable reels come in wire lengths ranging from 25-, 35-, and 50-feet. They work with a separate mounting base and can bench, wall, or ceiling mount. These reels work well in warehouses, maintenance shops, data centers, and other commercial duty areas.

4000 series retractable cable reels feature a heavy all-steel construction and durable yellow powder coated finish. HomElectrical carries Ericson’s 4000 series with 25-ft cables as well as repair kit options.

5000 series cable reels feature industrial retractable cable reels with a durable yellow powder coated finish with nylon drum. They feature a NEMA 4 rating for indoor and outdoor use. The cords range from 20-80 feet.

6000 & 7000 series consist of high-capacity industrial cable reel options with a durable, yellow powder coat finish. HomElectrical carries the 6000 series with cords ranging from 20-150 feet. Their 4-roller cable guide can adjust to one of 12 positions. These reels work well for utility trucks, large cable-end accessories, aviation hangers, and more. You can also find repair kits to fix parts of the 6000 & 7000 series cable reels.

8000 series retractable cable reels can see use in hazardous industrial locations. They consist of a rugged fabricate steel with gray epoxy finish and a cast aluminum construction. They offer a threaded junction box and slip ring enclosure as well as a safety chain hole for overhead mounting. They can work in the following environments:

  • Class I Division 1, Groups C & D (flammable gases or vapors)
  • Class II Division 1, Groups E, F, & G (combustible dusts)
  • Class III Division 1 (easily ignitable fibers or flyings)
  • Class I Zone 1: AEx d IIB, EX d IIB

This series works well in petroleum facilities, wastewater treatment plants, underground mines, and more.

What is a static discharge cable reel?

Static discharge reels ground equipment that operates in hazardous environments. They dissipate static electricity that builds up. This reduces the chance of sparking, which reduces the chance of explosion.

Ericson’s static discharge reels ground potentially dangerous static electricity in hazardous areas. Ericson offers the SDR series, which comes in 25-ft and 50-ft cable reel options. These static discharge reels work in indoor locations only and consist of a rugged all steel construction.

They also offer 50-ft and 100-ft static discharge grounding reels that feature a vinyl coated galvanized cable with ground clamp and EZ recoil system.

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