3 Common Uses for Shoebox Retrofit Kits

By danielle_abram on 03/26/2018

LED Retrofits in Parking Lot

When trying to get the best lighting in any area, you always want to find the bulb with the best color temperature, beam angle, brightess, and longest lifespan. Shoebox retrofit kits emit a quality light to provide brightness for large areas. Not only this, but retrofit kits are beneficial because they allow you to update your light fixture to LED without having to replace the entire fixture! Because of this, it is more affordable to use easy installation retrofit kits instead of replacing an entire light. For the most beneficial lighting, LED shoebox retrofit kits are your best options in these three areas.

Parking Lot Lighting

LED Parking DeckLED shoebox retrofit kits are great for providing parking lot lighting. Not only are these LED lights energy efficient, but they are also designed to reduce maintenance cost compared to other models. These lights are more efficient, more adjustable, and can create an even light. These light fixtures are great for parking lots because they don’t create a flickering effect unlike high pressure sodium lights, which can be annoying, and are more efficient and lasting overall. On average, LED shoebox retrofit kits have a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Lighting Streets and Highways

LED Street LightsLED shoebox retrofit kits are not only useful in parking lots, but they are also useful for highways and streets. LED shoebox retrofit kits are extremely useful in open areas because they produce such a strong light beam. LED bulbs are better than traditional bulbs because they use semiconductor materials instead of neon. LED shoebox retrofit kits don’t contain mercury and are environmentally friendly overall.





Security Light for Your Home, Business, or Industry

LED Retrofit KitLED shoebox retrofit kits are also great for security lighting outside your home, business, or warehouse. These shoebox shaped fixtures easily blend in to any environment with their multiple design options. LED lights come in different color temperatures depending on your desired level of lighting. The light fixtures are small and easy to install, and you would be guaranteed a strong light to spot any movement surrounding your building.

LED Shoebox RetrofitLED shoebox retrofit kits are extremely useful for many different areas. To project a large amount of light in outdoor spaces, these light fixtures should be your go-to. These lights don’t only fit in these three areas, but they also work well in parks, institutions, factories, and residential areas. Find which LED retrofit kit is best for lighting your outdoor area today!


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