Retrofitting your Gym Lights to LEDs

Lighting your gymnasium shouldn't cast a shadow over your finances. Converting your high bays to LEDs will save you money, and improve your lighting quality. LED lighting will be ideal for your gymnasium no matter the function. From basketball, to gymnastics, to well… any other activity performed indoors. The lighting in the gym should be bright and stimulate those using it without causing unwanted glares. LED high bays are a great option for lighting your gym, energizing users, and getting a return on your investment.

What Is a High Bay?

High bays are designed to provide uniform light in open areas from 26 feet or higher. The vertical lighting illuminates the floor and working areas. Before we get to what your options are for upgrading your fixtures, you will need to collect some information. In order to emulate the same light output from your current fixture with the new one, you will need to know its color temperature (K), lumens (Lm), and wattage (W).

What Are My Options?

Retrofit the fixture

The best way to convert your high bays to LEDs is to use a retrofit kit. With a retrofit kit, you will be able to replace the old inefficient components of your current fixture with improved lighting technology. The retrofit kit does not require a ballast, therefore in the end, your increased efficiency is saving you money. Another benefit is the ease of installing the retrofit kit because of their convertible standard (E26) and/or Mogul (E39) screw base that bypasses the ballast. Basic wiring is necessary, but if you aren’t comfortable or familiar we suggest you hire a certified electrician. The shoebox retrofit kit is designed to fit inside the previous fixture so you don’t have get rid of the aesthetic component of your fixture saving you the money you would spend on replacement cost. Here are some tools you may need to retrofit your fixture:

Replace the fixture

Replacing your fixture is another option. In most cases, you would replace your fixture if you were not concerned with its aesthetics and have a higher budget to cover the start-up cost. Despite being more expensive at the beginning of the project than retrofitting, completely replacing fixtures is the most efficient because they are initially designed to operate with LEDs.

Common Application

As you may have recognized, high bays are applicable for indoor and outdoor installation. You can spot high bays in warehouses, auditoriums and of course gymnasiums. You can check the table below to find out which LED wattage you need for your lighting project.

LED Wattage
Metal Halide Wattage
Incandescent Wattage
200w - 250W
500W - 600W
500W - 575W

Keep your gym well-lit and ready for action with LED Technology for your high bay lights. Are you ready to convert? If you need further guidance, please feel free to contact our customer service department (1-888-616-3532).

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