Safety Glasses

Protect your eyes from any objects that could fly back and hurt you. You don't want to end up on one of the safety in the workplace videos, right? Safety glasses are the perfect tools to have when you are wood working, metal working, and more. Our selection of safety glasses was designed so that they will be able to protect your eyes from a 1/4 inch steel ball that is traveling at 150 feet per second. Explore our collection of safety glasses to properly protect your eyes during a variety of applications at HomElectrical.

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When should I wear Safety Glasses?

Safety glasses are used to protect your eyes from objects that could bruise, pierce, or damage them. They are commonly used during:

  • Wood Working
  • Metal Working
  • Chemistry and more

There are three parts that compose safety glasses.

  • Frames
  • Lenses
  • Side Shields

All of these parts have been previously tested so that they can withstand a 1/4 inch steel ball that is traveling 150 feet per second.

Are regular glasses considered Safety Glases?

If you already wear some prescribed eyeglasses then you will need to get lenses for your safety glasses that will fit your prescription. You can also get some safety goggles that will fit over you prescribed glasses instead depending on your preference.

What do Safety Glasses protect you from?

Safety glasses are going to have small gaps on the top, side, and bottom of the glasses. If you need protection against any debris that gets into the air such as metal shavings or saw dust then you are going to need safety goggles. This is also true for proper protection against any liquids. The goggles will provide a 360 degree protection for your eyes.

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