Material Handling

HomElectrical offers a full selection of material handling equipment for all your storage and organization needs. Our material handling supplies include products from cylinder trucks and hand truck dollies to mobile work centers. Shop our selection of material handling products to find what you need to get organized.
For handling heavy loads, shop HomElectrical’s supply of grab hooks and shackles built tough to suit your needs.
HomElectrical carries ropes and cords available in a variety of lengths and materials for your material handling needs.
Shop HomElectrical for tie down straps to safely secure cargo or equipment during transportation.

Cylinder Truck

Safely secure and transport cylinders with a cylinder truck from HomElectrical’s material handling collection.

Caster & Wheel

Add or replace casters and wheels to your equipment to keep it rolling smooth for efficiency while on the job.

Utility Bin

Store and move items using utility bin carts from HomElectrical’s selection of material handling products.

Utility Cart

Purchase a utility cart from HomElectrical to carry tools, computers, office supplies, and other materials from one place to another.

Utility & Cube Truck

Carry heavy, bulky items with utility and cube trucks typically used to transport garbage, laundry, or other substantial loads.

Tilt Truck

Shop HomElectrical’s collection of tilt trucks for a tool to carry heavy, bulky objects on work sites.

Platform Truck

Transport over-sized or heavy loads with platform trucks listed at affordable prices from HomElectrical.

Mobile Workcenter

Take work with you with HomElectrical’s selection of mobile work centers capable of carrying tools and equipment on the go.

Hand Truck Dolly

Shop for hand truck dollies at HomElectrical to transport heavy materials while on the job site.
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What kind of materials are included in the material handling category?

The material handling category from HomElectrical contains a full selection of supplies that are ideal for moving, storing, and organizing the different materials needed on a worksite or in a tool shed. Our selection includes: casters, wheels, cylinder trucks, grab hooks, shackles, hand truck dollies, mobile work centers, platform trucks, restocking trucks, ropes, cords, tie down straps, tilt trucks, utility bins, utility carts, utility trucks, and tube trucks.

What are these materials used for?

These materials can be used for moving and storing your equipment.

Trucks, dollies, carts, and bins come in different shapes and sizes capable of moving different types of loads from one place to another.

Ropes, cords, tie down straps, grab hooks, and shackles secure materials to ensure safe, efficient handling.

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