Tilt Truck

A tilt truck is a tool that is often used to carry heavy, bulky objects on work sites. HomElectrical has a great selection of Rubbermaid tilt trucks and accessories available for competitive prices. Find the right tilt truck for your job with HomElectrical's selection.

What is a Tilt Truck used for?

The constant force design of the tilt trucks enables controlled emptying with only one person and they are easy to clean due to the smooth surface. HomElectrical also carries Rubbermaid tilt trucks that have unique features. One type of Rubbermaid tilt truck is able to be lifted with a forklift. This means that the truck is compatible with most forklifts so it can be easily transported. Shop our selection of tilt trucks to fulfill all your material handling needs.

What is a tilt truck?

A tilt truck is a convenient tool used for storing and moving heavy materials. HomElectrical has a full selection of Rubbermaid tilt trucks that have many useful features for every application. All of the Rubbermaid tilt trucks are manufactured so they can fit through most standard doorways and elevators.
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