Hand Truck Dolly

Hand truck dollies are a necessity in many workplaces because they are used to easily transport heavy materials. HomElectrical has a full selection of competitively-priced hand trucks that are made from well known brands such as Rubbermaid and Wesco. Shop our selection of hand truck dollies to find the one that suits your material handling needs.

What is another name for a hand truck?

A hand truck dolly, also known as just a dolly or just a hand truck, is a device used for the movement of heavy or awkward objects. Similar to a cylinder truck, a hand truck is an L-shaped tool that usually contains handles, wheels at the base, and a small platform to load materials on.

What is a hand truck used for?

Our selection of hand trucks includes standard hand trucks and two way convertible trucks that can be used with either two wheels or four, and storable trucks that can fold flat for easy storage. Shop our selection of hand truck dollies for all your material handling needs.
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