SHDXL Series Xlerator Hand Dryer

The Stelpro Xlerator SHDXL Series high velocity and cost-effective hand dryers are perfect for restaurants or commercial bathrooms. Dry your hands in 15 seconds with our selection of automatic hand dryers at HomElectrical!

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How Many Dryers Do I Need?

Hand dryers should be used at a minimum of at least one per wash station in areas with normal to moderate traffic. For areas with higher traffic two hand dryers should be used for every 54 inch wash basin.

How Loud is a Hand Dryer?

A Hand dryer can range in volume (decibel) levels depending on their dry time. A High velocity hand dryer with a faster dry time average between 80 and 95 decibels. These are great solutions where noise is not a concern because they are energy efficient and help with obtaining LEED Certifications. A Lower velocity hand dryer are much quieter around 40-70 decibels but have a much slower dry time.

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