LEED Certification: Becoming a LEED Green Associate

What Does It Mean If a Person Is LEED Accredited?

LEED Accreditation

To be LEED accredited, a person can have one of three credentials:

Leed Green Associate
LEED Green Associate: Introductory level of accreditation that signifies a general understanding of the LEED rating system.

LEED Accredited Professional: Professional level that demonstrates an individual’s expertise on one or more of the LEED rating system(s).

LEED AP+: Highest level of accreditation that demonstrates and individual’s expertise in all five of LEED AP rating systems.

How Can I Get LEED Accredited?

1. If you DO NOT have LEED project experience, you must show that you work in a sustainable field, or you must take an educational course on building with the green initiative in mind. After the course, you will be eligible to take the LEED Green Associate exam. If you would like to gain even more accreditation and receive LEED AP credentials, you must first gain experience by working on a LEED registered project. Afterwards, you will be eligible to take the LEED AP exam.

2. If you DO have LEED project experience within the last 3 years, you may simply register to take the LEED exam, LEED AP exam, or the LEED AP combined exam.

3. To receive AP+ accreditation, an individual must take all five AP exams. These exams demonstrate knowledge of Building Design + Construction, Interior Design + Construction, Operations & Maintenance, Neighborhood Development, and Home Design + Construction.


The LEED GA and LEED AP exams are administered by Prometric, a national testing agency that runs all of the LEED computer-based tests. These exams are run by the Green Building Certification Institute, or GBCI. Each LEED accreditation exam lasts for about 2 hours and are 100 questions each.


These exams normally run anywhere between $250 to $400 for LEED members, plus a $50 application fee. If you are not a LEED member, exams are anywhere between $350-$550. If you fail the exam you must wait 3 months to re-test.

If you want to find the nearest testing center, visit https://www.usgbc.org/credentials

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