ASHDL Series Electric Hand Dryer

Stelpro offers the surface mounted ASHDL series commercial hand dryer. Browse HomElectrical to find the Stelpro commercial hand dryer that dries hands without the need for paper towels!

What are the benefits of an ASHDL series electric hand dryer?

These Stelpro designs feature a choice between a push-button or automatic hand dryer. The ASHDLAS automatic start dryers use an automatic on/off function by utilizing an infrared sensor to detect hands. The ASHDLPB push-button model requires a manual on/off function.

The ASHDL series offers these additional features:

  • 120V, 208V, and 240V options
  • Wall mounted
  • Tamper-proof vent
  • Nichrome heating element
  • Heavy-duty Lexan 940 shell material for added protection

Which option should I choose?

Each model offers pros and cons:

Dryer Type Pros Cons
  • Sanitary
  • More energy efficient than push-button
  • Higher initial cost
  • Cheaper than automatic model
  • 30-second timer
  • Less sanitary due to push-button control
  • Less energy efficient than automatic

Where do you use a Stelpro electric hand dryer?

Use these commercial hand dryers in bathrooms or restrooms. They work well in libraries, gyms, restaurants, cafes, schools, and spas.


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