ASHDLPBH76 Series Electric Hair Dryer

Looking for a convenient way to dry both hair and hands? The Stelpro hair dryer works well in areas that also require a hand dryer, like sports centers, swimming pools, arenas, and other facilities. Find the Stelpro commercial hair and hand dryer that fits your space at HomElectrical.

What is a hair and hand dryer?

Stelpro ASHDLPBH76 series commercial hand dryers additionally function as surface mounted commercial hair dryers. With an air nozzle capable of turning 360 degrees, you can turn the nozzle upwards for drying hair or downward for hand drying. Unlike automatic hand dryers, the Stelpro hair dryer functions with a push-button start.

What are the benefits of a Stelpro hair dryer?

Stelpro hair dryers offer a convenient way for guests to dry their hair. A 90-second sealed electronic timer leaves time to ensure dry hair and hands. Additionally, without the need for paper towels, hand dryers save you money over time.

More features of the Stelpro hair dryer include:

  • 120V or 208V options
  • Heavy duty push button on all models
  • Nichrome heating element
  • Ultra resistant shell
  • Wall mounted
  • Five-year warranty


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