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So, you have decided to do away with those pesky paper towels. You are now in the market for a bathroom hand dryer, but which dryer is the right one for you? The options and features available can be a little overwhelming, that's why HomElectrical is here to help!

Factors to Consider

Hand dryers can be categorized based on speed, cost, power, noise level, energy use, hygiene, and ADA compliance. A variety of hand dryers are offered to appeal to all commercial washroom needs, both big and small.


First, you need to determine how much you are willing to spend. The price range on hand dryers can run anywhere from $200 to over $1200 dollars. It is important to understand that purchasing a hand dryer is an investment. Spending more upfront for an energy-efficient model will pay off in energy costs over time by eliminating paper towel maintenance.

Speed or Drying Time

The Speed, or the drying time, of a hand dryer is one of the most important factors when deciding on the right one. Some traditional hand dryers can take up to 45 seconds to dry hands completely, and for some, that is entirely too long. The faster ones can dry in as little as 10 seconds. Look into highspeed dryers if drying time is a concern.


Just as bathroom dryers can vary in speed, some also come in variable power levels. With higher power comes greater drying speed! The only downside is high powered hand dryers tend to be much louder than their low powered counterparts. The expanded power forces the air to come out of the dryers at an accelerated rate, which in turn increases the decibel level. Be sure to check out our restroom dryers that offer variable decibel control and noise reduction accessories, if noise is a concern.


As stated before, the dryers noise level is directly connected to its power output. Electric hand dryers are inherently loud, they force high-pressure air through a constricted hole, similar to any home hair dryer. In terms of decibel levels, we recommend using your best judgment based on the facility where the dryer will be used. For example, a smaller office might elect for a quieter option to not disrupt the employees, while a stadium might choose the fastest and strongest hand dryer, with no worry about the noise level.

Energy Use

Commercial appliances are becoming more energy efficient every year. Public concern for the environment is rising and the government, in response, is enticing companies to adopt more Eco-Friendly practices. Automatic hand dryers are by far the most energy efficient choice for any commercial space, most are even specifically marked eco-friendly. Generally higher speed hand dryers perform more efficiently than a traditional dryer and use less energy as a result of faster drying times. Automatic hand dryers optimize their energy use by turning on and off using an infrared sensor to detect a person’s hands. No matter which you choose a hand dryer will always be better for the environment than wasteful paper towels.


Not all hand dryers are created equal, and some are more hygienic than others. Automatic hand dryers, in comparison to tradition push hand dryers, are far most hygienic and eliminates the chances of germs spreading from a button. Many of our hand dryers offer hygienic accessories, including HEPA air filters and anti-microbial wall covers, for better sanitation.

ADA Compliance

Every business must comply with ADA guidelines in the dryer they choose. Commercial dryers will need to be placed in a spot where blind customers won’t bump into them unexpectedly. The wall mounted dryer must have less than 4 inches of depth or a recess kit will need to be purchased. We offer wall mounted accessories for most of our hand dryers to help all businesses comply with ADA standards.

Types of Hand Dryer

Now that we have covered what to look for in hand drying technology let explore the specific categories of dryers. Commercial hand dryers come in three major categories; Traditional Push Button, highspeed, and automatic. Browse our selection of hand dryers HERE.

Traditional Push Button


  • The most affordable option

What to Know:

  • Slowest drying speed
  • Less sanitary because these dryers require pushing a button
  • The least energy efficient



  • Offers a much faster drying time
  • More energy efficient thanks to its drying speed

What to Know:

  • More expensive than traditional dryers
  • Much louder due to increased power output



  • The most sanitary because the infrared sensor eliminates the need for a button
  • The automatic sensor only runs the dryer when a hand is detected, eliminating excess energy usage.

What to Know:

  • The most expensive kind of dryer
  • Some overlap in with these and categories, for example, an automatic hand dryer usually offers highspeed drying.

Browse for your choice in Hand Dryers HERE

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