Satco LED PAR Bulbs

PAR or Parabolic Aluminized Reflector Bulbs are typically used to illuminate a specific area. The Satco brand offers a variety of PAR20, PAR30, and PAR38 bulbs. The commercial and residential uses are endless, try out these bulbs for your floodlighting, spotlighting, and down lighting needs. We have a variety of different styles, including long and short neck bulbs, energy efficient bulbs, dimmable bulbs, and bulbs that range in a variety of lumen outputs and color temperatures.

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What does PAR stand for?

PAR Stands for Parabolic Aluminized Reflector.  LED PAR bulbs are designed with an inner reflective surface that helps control the light intensity. This directional light beam makes them great for flood or spot lighting in track lights or recessed light fixture. This type of bulb is commonly used for display lighting, accent lighting, and movie lighting. Learn more about LED PAR Bulbs here

Should I use a Satco PAR20 bulb or an R20 bulb?

Satco PAR 20 bulbs can be used in recess lighting, however, recessed lighting is not the primary application for PAR20 bulbs. A PAR bulb is designed to concentrate light precisely into a specific area. The bulbs are best suited for museums, pathways, retail displays, showcases, and theatres. A BR20 bulb would be better applied for recessed lighting because it offers a wide beam angle with a high lumen output (brightness)

Do Satco PAR30 bulbs have the same dimensions?

All PAR30 Bulbs are the same size indicated by the number 30 which refers to its diameter measured in eights (3.75 inches). These light bulbs are quite versatile and can be used in many different size and  beam angle options depending on your lighting needs:

  • Narrow spot: less than 10 degree beam angle
  • Single Spot: 15 degree beam angle
  • Narrow Flood: 25 degree beam angle
  • Flood: 36 Degree Beam Angle
  • Wide Flood: Greater than 50 degree beam angle

They also come in a variety of color temperature and wattages as well

What types of fixtures are Satco LED PAR38 bulbs compatible with?

Satco LED PAR38 bulbs are compatible with many different fixtures, however, they are designed for fixtures to directly focus lighting a singular area such as spotlighting or outdoor flood lighting.  They can be a great replacement for old incandescent bulbs, downlighting, and fluorescent flood lights. Read All about PAR38 Bulbs Here!
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