Satco LED Light Bulbs

Satco Lighting offers a wide selection of quality LED Light Bulbs. Either you are looking for an A19 bulb to replace your aging incandescent light, an LED BR lamp to put in place of a halogen bulb, or simply showcase your chandelier with the new efficient LED filament candelabra. HomElectrical offers free shipping on qualified orders of Satco lamps.
Satco LED Light Bulbs

Satco LED PAR Bulbs

Explore a range of LED PAR bulbs, including PAR20, PAR30, PAR38, and more available in various color temperatures, styles, and more.

Satco LED A19/A21 Bulbs

Find a light to suit your fixture with this extensive range of LED A19 and A21 bulbs!

Satco LED Filament & Edison Bulbs

Browse a variety of LED filament and Edison bulbs that feature a variety of bulb types, finishes, bases, and sizes so you can find the one that best suits your fixture.

Satco LED MR11/MR16 Bulbs

Available in a variety of wattages, lumens, color temperature, and base options, you can discover a variety of LED MR11 and MR16 bulbs to suit your fixture.

Satco LED Miniature Indicator Bulbs

Explore a variety of LED miniature indicator bulbs that feature a variety of bases, finishes, and styles.

Satco LED Corn Bulbs

Featuring a variety of base options as well as an LED mogul to medium socket reducer, you can find a corn bulb to suit your fixture with this collection of LED corn bulbs.

Satco LED Globe Bulbs

Shop a selection of LED globe bulbs such as G16, G25, and G40 bulbs with options available with E26 and E12 bases.

Satco LED A25 Bulb

Providing an EX39 extended mogul base as well as multiple lumen and color temperature options, you can find a selection of LED A25 bulbs to illuminate residential and commercial applications.

Satco LED PL Lamps

Offering a variety of base and installation options, as well as horizontal or vertical orientations, find a wide selection of LED PL lamps!

Satco LED Elevator Bulbs

Browse LED elevator bulbs in 2W and 3W options available with BA15D or BA15S base and a 3000K color temperature.

Satco LED BR/R Bulbs

Find a selection of LED BR/R bulbs with base, size, and color temperature options as well as select bulbs featuring dimming capabilities.

Satco LED A23 Bulb

Browse a selection of LED A23 bulbs available in various base and color temperature options.

Satco LED A15 & Decorative Bulbs

Add a decorative touch to your lighting with the right LED decorative bulbs, such as S14, B11, G25, A15, and more.

Satco LED B11 Bulb

Featuring a candelabra base, wattage options, and warm color temperature options, find a decorative bulb to fit your fixture with this selection of LED B11 bulbs.
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