LED PAR bulbs from MaxLite offer an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for general purpose lighting projects. MaxLite manufactures a variety of LED PAR bulbs with different color temperatures, voltages, and wattages to suit any need. Save on the ideal MaxLite LED PAR bulb with HomElectrical's great low rates.

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What is the difference between a PAR and BR bulb?

PAR bulbs are lamps that are used for spotlight features and has a beam that is usually 45 degrees wide or less. BR bulbs are lamps that have a wide flood beam angle, and instead of acting as a spotlight, it provides more than a 45 degree angle, usually 120 degrees, and are often used lighting a hallway or even a kitchen counter top.

What is a PAR bulb used for?

A PAR bulb, parabolic aluminized reflector, is commonly used in commercial, residential, and transportation illumination. The number on the PAR bulb tells you how large the diameter of the bulb is which will help you choose which bulb you will need based on the fit.
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