MaxLite LED MR16

LED MR16 bulbs from MaxLite are highly efficient LED lamps that can replace up to 50-watt halogens. These bulbs are ideal for any general purpose lighting applications including architectural, accent, and track lighting in residential and retail structures, museums, and hospitals. Find the right MaxLite LED MR16 bulb for a great competitive rate at HomElectrical.

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Where are LED MR 16 Bulbs normally used?

LED MR 16 Bulbs an be used for architectural, accent, and track lighting in residential, retail, museum, and hospital applications. These bulbs are also dimmable for greater light control.

Do you need a driver for a LED MR16?

LED drivers are no-minimum load transformers, which means they could operate a low-voltage halogen or incandescent bulb in addition to an LED bulb. LED drivers are typically used to power LED MR16 bulbs but can also be used on other types of LEDs.
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