MaxLite LED A21/A23

MaxLite LED A21/A23 bulb products are cost effective and energy efficient replacements for A21/A23 incandescent bulbs. These bulbs feature a 300-degree beam angle to produce even light in all directions. Find a full selection of these LED A21/A23 Bulbs at HomElectrical for a great competitive rate.

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What's the difference between a LED A19 bulb and a LED A21 bulb?

The main difference between these two bulbs is the number in the title which refers to their size. An A19 bulb is more of a standard household bulb, at 2.375 inches in diameter, and an A21 bulb is a little bit larger in length and width, at 2.625 inches in diameter, and sometimes do not fit in the same fixtures.

What are LED A19 bulbs equivalent to?

A LED A19 bulb is equivalent to a 100W incandescent bulb. Because it is a larger bulb than the LED A19, it produces a bigger light where the LED A19 equivalent is usually 60-75W.
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