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Need supplemental lighting for your greenhouse? Use grow lights to keep your crops happy and healthy. HomElectrical offers the horticulture lighting for your greenhouse at wholesale prices.

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What is a horticulture grow light?

A grow light is a fixture that uses bulbs to provide supplemental lighting to plants. Supplemental lighting acts to provide UV light when there is not enough sunlight to help a plant grow in a greenhouse or vertical farm.

Use smaller fixtures for indoor gardens or grow tents. Outfit commercial greenhouses or vertical farms with larger grow lights.

How do grow lights work?

A greenhouse requires much more light than an indoor garden. A horticulture grow light emits essential UV light for plant growth. The amount of light used in a grow light depends on the type of plants in the greenhouse. Utilizing the visible spectrum of light, a horticulture grow light helps plants throughout different stages of life.

The spectrum of light in nanometers detailed below:

  • Blue light (400-500nm) helps in leaf penetration.
  • Green light (500-600nm) works best for the vegetative growth stage.
  • Red lights (630-660nm) help plants flower and boom.
  • Far red light (720-740nm) boosts flower and fruit speed.

Why use an LED grow light?

Replace fluorescent lights with LED grow lights. LED produces a high efficiency light output with more capability, without producing excess heat.

Select models offer a full spectrum of light to promote plant growth or help plants produce flowers and fruit. Grow lights typically include an IP65 or IP66 rating to operate in conditions with dust, dirt, debris, and water.

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