Go Green: Energy Saving Tips for Commercial Building Projects

By Shakir Williams on 08/31/2017

energy saving tips for commercial buildings

Being environmentally responsible is important with today’s growing green initiative. But more importantly, companies are beginning to weigh the lifetime costs of energy efficient improvements to their buildings. Heating, cooling, and lighting, alone, make up 54 - 71% of all commercial energy consumption. Not to mention, the 19% effect it has on operating costs. It is so important to take into consideration the bottom line. Learn more energy saving solutions for a better ROI!

1. How will my lifetime costs differ from keeping an old infrastructure over installing a new one?

2. What will be the return on my investment If I install a new HVAC system?

3. Is it worth the cost in the long run?

4. How much money and energy can I save monthly? Yearly? Over a lifetime?

cost saving tips

We understand the importance in knowing the return on your investment. Here is a Step by Step Guide to help you start saving money and energy today!

Pinpoint any major issues in your building's infrastructure:

First: Run an energy audit for your company

The cost of an energy audit is dependent on these factors: 

  • Level of Energy Audit 
  • Size of the Facility
  • Type of Business
  • Scope of Assessment

Second: Assess the problem area(s) evaluated from the audit.

Ways to reduce energy consumption

Here are just a few ways that you can reduce your energy consumption:

heating and cooling icon

Regularly changing your HVAC air filters




led lighting icon

Retrofitting your current light fixtures to LED light fixtures. Learn More with our Retrofit Guide.




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Repairing leaking pipes, fixtures, and seals.




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Use compostable paper towels or install energy-efficient hand dryers




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