Atlanta's Sustainability Initiative: A Green Building Concept

By shakir_williams on 09/12/2017

Atlanta leader in green sustainability

EDF Climate Corps, an organization engaged in sustainability projects, has done a ton for Georgia businesses. EDF stands for Environmental Defense Fund. Members of this organization work hard to develop detailed energy management systems to help companies optimize their operations.

They focus on lowering annual carbon emissions and electricity outputs to help businesses generate lifetime energy savings. And energy savings, means money savings! In addition to an in-depth analysis of your energy usage, they come up with solutions, final recommendations, and a projected savings report.

Did you know that, currently, the US projects $1.2 Trillion in untapped energy savings, to be available by 2020.

Today, many companies are finding ways to tap into these savings by focusing on energy-efficient operation and maintenance of their commercial spaces. Many companies in the Metro Atlanta area have been focusing on increasing their operational sustainability. With the help of organizations like EDF Climate Corps, many are seeing a huge change in their energy consumption.

$$$ More importantly, Money in your pocket $$ 

How does EDF Climate Corps work?

Step One: Each Climate Corps member is handpicked to meet your specific Energy Management System (EMS) needs.

Step Two: Each member works on your site for 10-12 weeks, providing hands-on-help.

Step Three: Each Climate Corps member will provide you a customized strategic plan for energy and cost savings for your organization.

Focused on Sustainability

Place Year Location Energy Upgrades
floor and décor retail store 2015  Smyrna
  • Installed reflective roofing
  • Reduced energy cinsumption by 20% 
  • Saved 8.9 million killowatts (kW) 
  • Reduced annual carbon emissions by 62,000 tons
QTS data center 2013 Atlanta
  • Reduced excess cooling in their building space
  • Added energy efficient HVAC systems 
  • Identified tax rebates/incentives
  • Identified over $430,000 in annual savings over the next few years
  • Projected $1.3 million in savings over the next few years
Clark Atlanta college and university 2013 Atlanta
  • Replaced their lighting fixtures 
  • Replaced office machine equipment 
  • Reduced CO2 by 2,835 metric tons 
  • Identified a savings of $190,000 in annual operating costs
Turner Broadcatsing 2013 Atlanta
  • Replaced existing lighting systems with LED solutions
  • Identified a savings of 50% in energy costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs by 70%
morehouse college university 2011 Atlanta 
  • Replaced fluorescent T12 lamps with T8 retrofits 
  • Added a PC Management software 
  • Identified savings of $150,000 in anuual energy costs 
  • Saved 1,600,000 kW of electricity
Atlanta airport 2012 Atlanta 
  • Switched from fluorescent and metal halide lights to LEDs 
  • Identified savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars in utility costs