A Personal Guide to Savings with Energy Rebates and Tax Credits

There are a handful of energy rebates and tax incentives that your state offers when you make qualifying purchases. If you live or work in Georgia, you should take advantage of energy efficiency rebates when making improvements to your home or business. Appliances and lighting systems that use less energy not only help with lowering your annual energy bill, but support the green initiative. There’s nothing like saving money, while saving the earth at the same time!

Currently, there are a ton of energy-efficient improvements you can make to help you save money.

Energy Rebates

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Energy Rebates
Tax Credits

Did you know that...

Buying Energy Star certified equipment can get you up to $40,000 in instant savings.

Shakir Williams
Shakir Williams

A true creative with a penchant for the spiritual and natural order. She loves the Earth, almost as much as she loves writing about it.

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