How To Qualify For a Free In-Home Energy Audit

If you want to:

  • Better understand how the weather affects your bill
  • orange checkLearn how your home uses energy
  • orange checkGain tips on improvements that can help you to save money and energy


An energy audit is for you! An energy assessment will show you problems that may, when corrected, save you significant amounts of money over time. Georgia Power is currently offering FREE In-Home energy audits. It only takes about 45 minutes and can teach you a whole lot about your home’s energy usage.


  • You must be a Georgia Power customer to be eligible
  • The in-home energy checkup must be performed on a home served by Georgia Power

How Do I Find an Energy Audit Service?

  • Your state or local government energy office.
  • Your local electric or gas utility company
  • Your telephone directory under headings beginning with “Energy” may list companies that perform residential energy audits
  • The Residential Energy Services Network provides a directory of certified energy raters and auditors near you.


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