Sustainable Building: An Energy Performance Certification from Energy Star

By kim_giesler on 08/22/2017

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Energy Star LogoDid you know that buildings can be Energy Star certified (not just your refrigerator and dishwasher)? It’s true! Energy Star certified buildings are becoming more and more common. We are here to give you a run-through of why this certification is beneficial to you and your company. 



Why should I be interested in getting Energy Star certification? 

less energy useIf you aren’t familiar with energy efficient products, their upfront cost can be slightly higher than their non-efficient counterparts. Don’t let this scare you away!

Energy Star certified buildings have been shown to use 35% less energy when compared with their non-energy star certified counterparts. That is an energy savings of $0.54 per square foot!

Many businesses, such as JcPenny and Nissan, have taken their savings and put the money back into their business by providing for their customers more. Not only will you see savings from the Energy Star certification, but you will also create better connections with your customers – leading to a longer lasting relationship. Top Energy Star Certified Buildings in Atlanta

building savings

Increase your building value! Decrease your greenhouse gas emissions!

Energy Star certifications are becoming much more coveted by future tenants. The notion that the future tenant will be saving on energy costs immediately is an incentive, making your building much more desirable. Alternatively, Executive Order 13514 requires Federal agencies to lease Energy Star certificated locations. This simply adds your building to a longer list of interested parties.

More Desire = More Profit

Along with higher building value, the Energy Star certified building produces 35% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions directly affect climate change. With fewer emissions produced, you help fight against climate change.

More Money & Save the Environment

It's the right thing to do! 

This may sound like we are on our high horse telling you what is right or wrong, but certifying your building as Energy Star is the right thing to do. It is the right thing for you, your business, and your customers.

  • 68% of adults prefer to do business with environmentally responsible companies.
  • 80% of workers are attracted to an employer who has an environmental reputation.
  • Approximately 50% of workers care more about their company’s environmental reputation than an increase in pay.
Will you take the leap? 

With these statistics in mind, it is clear that the benefits of “doing the right thing” outweigh the costs associated.

  • Some jurisdictions allow expedited permitting, review, processing, and inspections for projects that are designed to reach Energy Star certification.
  • Tools such as Portfolio Manager and Target Finder are free to use for buildings that certify as Energy Star


Energy Star Certifications

Protect against future mandates that will require buildings to either certify as Energy Star or implement similar certification practices. The benefit of taking the leap now rather than when the mandates are put in place is simple supply and demand. The current demand for Energy Star certified buildings is low but the supply is high.

This creates the perfect opportunity to take the leap now!

Energy Star Building Image


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