FTZ Industries Wire Terminals

Many projects that deal with electrical wiring require a certain type of wire terminal. FTZ Industries carries a wide variety of electrical terminals that fit different wire sizes and come color coded, allowing you to make a quick connection. Wire terminal kits fit your project needs.

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What are the uses of electrical wire terminals?

Wire terminals terminate, or end, a conductor connected to a post, stud, or another device. Electrical applications include heavy duty transportation, off road vehicles, construction equipment, plant maintenance, mining equipment, energy exploration and marine.

What are the different types?

Different projects require different types of electrical terminals:

Ring terminals have round ends for attaching screws or studs. Use this to crimp or solder ring terminals to the wire.

Fork terminals, also called spade terminals, easily attach or remove from the screw. Their open-ended terminal makes this possible. Use these for projects in tight spaces.

Quick disconnects easily connect and disconnect two wires. Uses include auto, industrial, and consumer products.

Bullet terminals connect with male and open-ended round female connectors. They create a high-quality connection that helps prevent corrosion. Use this type if your project requires a maximum strength connection.

Butt terminals mate and connect wires, perfect for projects that require extending wires.

Make sure you have the right type before you start your project.

What are the advantages of the Crimp N' Seal kit?

You can buy a Crimp N' Seal kit instead of buying several terminals and tools. The kit includes a variety of terminals and tools to fit your project needs. Some of the tools include crimp tools, cable tie installation tool, and butane heat tools. Made of durable polyolefin, these kits protect the contents under any condition. Different wire connector kits fit different project needs. These include terminal splice kits, terminal wiring kits, and butt splice kits.
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