FTZ Industries Wire Lugs

Need to connect wires to devices for your electrical project? FTZ Industries' wire lugs help create connections when you cannot make a permanent connection. Browse HomElectrical’s selection of heavy duty wire lugs by FTZ Industries at affordable prices.

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What are electrical lugs used for?

Electrical lugs function as a type of wire connector that connects wires to a device or to another wire. One end of the lug attaches to the wire through crimping or soldering, while the other end of the lug links the wire, establishing an electrical connection.

To make the connection, place one end of each wire in the connector. Next, place the connector in a crimping tool and squeeze the handles of the tool to ensure that data transmits through the connector.

Make sure to choose the material for wire lugs that match the material of the wires. For copper wires, use copper lugs, and use aluminum lugs for aluminum wires. Older homes and buildings tend to use aluminum wiring, while modern homes typically use copper.

What features do FTZ Industries' wire lugs offer?

FTZ Industries' wire lugs options include:

  • Different barrel and tongue sizes
  • Round or square tongue shapes
  • Tin, aluminum, copper lugs with tin-plated options
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