FTZ Industries Heat Shrink

Electrical projects require protection at connector and wire conjunctions with tubing or sleeves. FTZ Industries heat shrink offers resistance to corrosion, fungus, or fluid in harsh environments. Shop HomElectrical to find FTZ Industries heat shrink at affordable prices.

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What is heat shrink?

Heat shrink is plastic tubing used to insulate and provide protection for electrical wiring.

How does heat shrink tubing work?

When exposed to heat, through a heat gun or oven, heat shrink tubing reduces in size to create a seal around the electrical wiring. FTZ Industries heat shrink tubing slides around unconnected wires. FTZ Industries heat shrink sleeves applies to connected wires.

What type of heat shrink does FTZ Industries offer?

FTZ Industries heat shrink features multiple options including:

  • A variety of thicknesses
  • Multiple colors for color-coding
  • Different sizes for different wire gauges
  • Select products with adhesive lining for water- and gas-tight seals
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