FTZ Industries Fuses

Need to replace a blown car fuse? Have a circuit burn out? Protect your electrical connections with fuses designed to break the circuit when volts or amps exceed certain conditions. Shop for FTZ Industries fuses that you can't find at your local store listed at competitive prices at HomElectrical!

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$3.13Pack of 5
$3.13Pack of 5
$3.13Pack of 5
$3.13Pack of 5

What are fuses?

Fuses preserve circuits when overloaded. Fuses activate when a fusible, or easily melted, internal wire within the component overheats. The circuit then breaks and shuts off. After that, power cannot completely run through the circuit.

How are fuses different than circuit breakers?

Fuses rely on melting wires. After a fuse burns out, replace it immediately. Fuses generally cost less and offer simplicity compared to a circuit breaker.

Circuit breakers use mechanical operation and require maintenance. When a circuit breaker trips, manually reset the circuit breaker. They do not require replacement parts when tripped. Circuit breakers cost more but offer a more convenient reset.

What fuses does FTZ Industries offer?

Both CSA and UL Listed, FTZ Industries fuses come in glass tube or blade styles with various amperages and voltages, such as 125 volt AC and 32 volt DC, to work in a variety of electronic circuit applications:

  • Glass tube fuses provide primary circuit protection in power supplies, battery chargers, monitors, consumer electronics, and test equipment.
  • Automotive blade fuses work in low voltage control circuit applications. Certain models of blade fuses can handle extreme temperatures and they resist corrosion.
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