FTZ Industries Battery Terminals

When replacing old battery terminal clamps, consider FTZ Industries battery terminals, available in different types and materials, to fit your electrical systems. Shop for battery terminals by FTZ industries at affordable prices at HomElectrical.

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What are battery terminal clamps?

Battery terminal clamps affix to the ends of wires which then attach to the battery. They can typically be found in transportation and industrial applications.

What are battery terminal clamps used for?

Battery terminal clamps work as part of an electrical system to carry power to and from batteries. They see use in electrical equipment, cars, golf carts, ATVs, battery banks in solar power, and wind power applications.

What battery cable terminals does FTZ Industries offer?

FTZ Industries offers battery cable terminals featuring:

  • Materials like lead, copper, or brass
  • Positive and negative polarities
  • Post-top or stud top terminal clamps with styles including straight, elbow, splice/flag, and side post
  • Side terminal adapters to allow post-top terminals to accept side terminal cables
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