Diode LED Flood Light

Keep your spaces brightly lit with flood lights from Diode LED! Diode makes a variety of light fixtures to work as outdoor lighting solutions in many different types of spaces. Skip your local stores and find the perfect indoor or outdoor flood light from Diode LED at HomElectrical!

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What is a flood light?

A flood light features a bright light and wide beam angle to light a large area and functions as area lighting in spaces like parking lots and stadiums, as well as residential outdoor applications like gardens and driveways. LED area lights utilize a weatherproof design and contain a reflector to concentrate the light into an intense beam.

What is the Volante series?

Choose Diode LED’s Volante flood light series for a modular lighting system that offers the best in lumen output and beam spread. Assembled in the United States, this high-performance series works in both indoor and outdoor locations and in the most challenging environments. All fixtures come fully assembled, hardwire ready, and IP65 wet location rated. The Volante series offers many types of flood lights perfect for retrofitting or new construction, offering a choice the number of lumens per fixture, beam angle, color temperature, and module options, and wattage.

Options for lumens include 19200 lm and 28800 lm, while wattage options include 75W (single module), 150W (two module), and 225W (three module).

Color temperature options include 4000K and 5000K. 4000K produces a warmer, yellow light, while 5000K produces a cooler light that resembles daylight. 4000K resembles a campfire and produces a warm glow, creating a welcoming and cozy ambience. On the other hand, 5000K lets you clearly see colors at night, perfect for showing off the vibrant colors of your garden or creating visibility in a parking garage.

Beam angle types include narrow, medium, and wide, as well as Type 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The higher the number, the rounder the beam spread.

Intended for center area mounting, Type 1 works best as walkway lighting, while Type 2 works best for wide walkways or roadway entrances and works for either pole or wall mounting. Type 3 works in general parking areas, roadway, and area lighting and works for pole or wall mounting. Type 4 works in perimeter parking and as business area lighting and works for pole or wall mounting, while Type 5 creates a circular beam and works in roadways and as commercial parking lot lighting works in top center area mounting.

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