Diode LED Drivers

LED drivers supply an adequate amount of power to LED fixtures. Diode LED makes many types of constant voltage external drivers to keep your lights powered! Shop HomElectrical and find the right LED power supplies from Diode today!

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What is an LED driver?

Light emitting diodes operate on low voltage power (12V-24V), but a commercial LED requires high voltage (120V-277V). An LED driver provides LED lights with the right amount of electricity for these high voltage settings. It also protects the light from electrical current fluctuations in the case of a change in voltage.

The two types of LED drivers include internal and external. Typically found in household lights, internal drivers come built-in to a screw-in LED bulb. External drivers see use in commercial lighting applications, including warehouses, street lighting, and parking garages. Replacing the external driver costs much less than replacing the entire LED fixture.

External drivers come in three different types: constant-current, constant-voltage, and A/C LED. Constant-current LED drivers bring power to the LEDs with a fixed output current and varying output voltages. Constant-voltage drivers use fixed output voltages and maximum output current. A/C LED drivers convert the electrical current in bulbs that already have internal drivers from A/C to DC. Use this type for a specified AC input.

What types of drivers does Diode offer?

Diode offers two series of drivers: the Omnidrive series and the Magnetic Dimmable series. Both offer constant voltage Class II dimmable LED drivers. Each work best with different types of LEDs.

As the most capable driver for every application, the Omnidrive series includes universal input voltage and multiple dimming protocols. It offers ELV, Triac, and 0-10V dimming. It has no minimum load. It features a minimum dimming level of 1-5%, depending on the dimmer.

Recommended for Diode’s LED strip lights, the Magnetic Dimmable series has a constant voltage output. It works both indoors and outdoors. Load the driver to 80% maximum. Keep the minimum load at 20% for both full range dimming and on/off switching.

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