Diode LED Linear Fixture Accessories

Find the right accessories to support lighting fixtures from Diode LED. Diode makes accessories including tape light covers, channel decoders, junction boxes, bending extensions, connectors, and color controllers to aid in surface mounting LED fixtures. Shop HomElectrical to find lighting accessories for your Diode LED fixtures today!

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What is a tape light cover?

A tape light cover protects light strips from dust, airborne greases, and dirt. If the lens gets dirty, simply wipe it. Tape light covers do not change the IP rating of the light, although frosted channel covers cause a 3% max shift in Kelvin and brightness, so keep this in mind if you buy a frosted cover. Each cover only works with a specific series of tape light, so make sure to get the right one for your lights.

What is a channel decoder?

The DMX 4 channel decoder converts DMX signals into PWM signals to control LED lights. It works in settings such as auditoriums, stages, and churches.

What is a junction box?

An electrical junction box refers to an enclosure that houses electrical connections that protects the connections from the elements and protect people from electric shocks. You can choose a metal or plastic junction box. Diode LED makes junction boxes that works with many best-selling drivers, and can work with other brands as well. Diode's junction boxes are typically made to house a power supply, controller, or another electrical device.

What is a bending extension?

A bending extension, also known as a flexible extension, connects wall-mounted tape lights together and bends at corners, perfect for going around corners. Diode LED sells bending extensions ranging in length from 3 inches to 48 inches. Each extension goes with a specific series of lights, so make sure to get the right one for your lights.

What tape light terminal block connectors and cables are available?

Diode LED makes a wide variety of tape light terminal block connectors and cables that connect your LED strip lights even while far away from electrical outlets. Options include tape-to-tape 90 degree, tape-to-tape connector, tape-to-tape jumper, tape-to-wire connector, and tape-to-wire splice. Tape light connector sizes include 8mm and 12mm, while color options include clear and white.

Tape-to-tape wires connect two tape lights at each end. Tape-to-wire connectors join strip lights to wires, which connects gaps or attach the LED strip to a power source. A 90-degree connector, also known as an L shaped connector, joins strip lights at a 90-degree angle.

A tape-to-tape jumper cable joins two tape light fixtures, while a tape-to-wire splice connects two tape lights by the tape-to-wire method.

What is a color controller?

A color controller remote features custom color options to effortlessly add color to any environment. Diode LED makes a color controller that includes 10 color modes, as well as a wheel to pick the perfect color. It uses a radio frequency signal to connect to the lights.

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