Cool LED Lights Used for Entertainment

LED lights have been up and coming in entertainment for providing added effects to performances. LED lights can be used for multiple occasions no matter the size. A LED light has a bright and captivating glow that holds people’s attention when illuminated. Not only do these lights create amazing and bright colors, they captivate the audience with how they are used and the different forms they can take on.

1. Concerts

LED light shows are often used in concerts for special effect or for general lighting purposes. Although the bright colors may ruin a few of your pictures, you will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Stage lighting can be concentrated on a performer, such as the guys in Blue Man Group, or they can be used to draw attention to the overall display and the audience. Everything can look so much bigger when a little light is shown.

2. Costumes

LED Robot Suits

LED costumes have become bigger and brighter while using LED strips! There are endless possibilities of where you can put the lights and how to design an attention-grabbing outfit. LED strip lights are often used for costumes, such as LED light suits or stick figure costumes. These costumes are not only versatile, but they can create fun and interesting shapes while providing a bright color.

3. Festivals

Festivals go all out with their LED light shows. Festivals usually have bigger stages than concert venues and are outside. Because of this, it creates more possibilities for LED stage lighting, because you can expand the lights more, and allow you to go bigger and brighter. Often, LED light bulbs are also used on DJ equipment to help keep the attention on them while they work.

4. Theatre

Event Lit with LED Lights

The theatre may be a more traditional place, but LED projections and lighting movements have been added for special effects. When LED lights move, they can sometimes create new patterns or shapes depending on where you place them. A lot of people have adopted using LED hula hoops to help create more shapes and textures that are visually appealing. Theatre lighting is great for emphasizing what is happening on the stage. These lights not only make a brighter space but can create a more intriguing and invigorating experience for audiences.

5. Special Events

Just because you are going to a charity event or gala does not mean it has to be boring. LED lighting has electrified a lot of big events in order to keep people entertained and amazed. These bright LED lighting fixtures also keep everyone entertained and draws their eye to the fun details while creating illusions to keep everyone engaged.

LED lights in entertainment continue to grow and captivate anyone’s attention. No matter if you see them on the street or on a stage, these bright lights will keep you interested.
Danielle Abram
Danielle Abram

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