The Future of LED Lighting

LED Light Bulb

Researchers estimate that the widespread use of LED technology will cut our global energy consumption in half by the year 2030. And not only that! The simplicity of LED Lights is changing. A clear majority of users of LED lighting systems want to be able to adjust the light, and not only the brightness of it, but the color too. With sustainability trends on the rise and new developing government programs, consumers are finding new and innovative ways to save energy.

LEDs are changing the world of lighting for good. Not only are they practical in size, but they're also shatter resistant, useful in warm and cold temperatures, and have dimmable functions. On top of that, they can be used in many different lighting applications from your home, to your vehicle, as well as your office building.

The versatility of LED lighting is what makes them far superior to traditional lighting systems. They are flexible, durable, longer-lasting, and on top of that, they use way less energy than traditional light bulbs. Consumers who decide to make the switch to LEDs shouldn’t worry about the upfront costs of purchasing LED lights. Why? Because of the energy savings, LEDs practically pay for themselves.

Additionally, LED lighting fixtures can qualify for multiple energy rebates provided by the utility company in your region.

Did you know that...

Purchasing qualifying LED light fixtures can practically put money back into your pocket! Government programs like Energy Star are offering tons of energy rebates through your utility company. 

Thinking about purchasing a dimmer or light sensor? Check out our Lighting Control Guide!

Do you live in Georgia?

Georgia Power is currently offering energy rebate programs to consumers who made energy-efficient installations or purchases after January 1, 2017

Make the switch to energy efficient lighting today and start reaping the benefits today!

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Do you work in the construction industry and want to earn tax incentives? Follow this step-by-step guide for Georgia Power's Commercial Energy Efficiency Program.

Georgia Power customers can get a tax rebate for purchasing and installing quality energy conservation electrical projects on or after January 1, 2017. Qualifying products include lighting, lighting control, programmable thermostats, and LED lighting.

LED light bulbs continue to rise in popularity and some experts suggest prices will decrease while increasing in efficiency and longevity. You may also see LED light bulbs used to kill dangerous bacteria on food!

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