LED Light Design, Smart Lighting, and Cool Light Bulb Effects

By shakir_williams on 03/27/2018

color changing smart lighting

When designing for any space, there are many important factors to consider to make it feel complete. Sometimes, just choosing the right lighting can help you set the right mood. Atmosphere lighting can create the right ambience; taking you from serene and inviting to romantic and relaxing. There are so many ways you can dress up your space with LED lights to make it cool and exciting, but here are just a few you can try for yourself!

Set Your Outdoor Patio on Fire

People are obsessing over these LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs. They actually look like real flames flickering, and they are great for outdoor patios at restaurants or along walkways. These light bulbs can help create a warm and inviting area either inside or outside. You can easily screw them into a wall scoce fixtue and mount them on the wall, or you can light up your outdoor pathway with this fiery lighting effect.

LED flame effect light bulb gif

Light Up Your Mood

Energy efficient and completely digital, these smart light bulbs allow you to control your lights directly from your phone. You can adjust the brightness, color, and customize lighting designs. Phillips Hue light bulbs come in simple white or color-changing bulbs, and they can easily connect to many smart home automation systems. 

color changing smart lighting

Pimp Your Ride

Color changing LED strips are a great cost-effective way to elevate your home or business. They can easily be installed to create a dynamic lighting design. Extremely versatile and great for lighting any space, LED strip lights can light up your outdoor pool area, illuminate your office, or even pimp out your ride.

outdoor pool blue LED lighting

If you’re looking for an LED lighting upgrade, these are just a few design options. There are so many ways you can start benefiting from the energy efficiency and convenience of LED light bulbs.


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