Atlanta: A Leader in Green Building Design

By shakir_williams on 08/31/2017

Atlanta green buildings

Back in 2013, Internap, a data center in Atlanta, received Green Globe certification. Green Globes is run by the Green Building Initiative, and they promote the growth of energy-saving practices in the building industry. Green Globes rates buildings based on their ability to follow certain practices like, saving energy, saving water, and using recycled materials & resources. 

As you know, one computer can suck a lot of energy. Now multiply that by hundreds of computers! A data center is literally a hub for massive amounts of energy consumption. However, with some major changes, they too can begin applying energy-saving practices. 

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How did Internap achieve green globe certification?

Internap exterior

Site: Location of Construction

Their design enhanced the building’s functions and considered surrounding soils, trees, and other vegetation. They also scored high because their site was near public transportation, bicycle racks, and electric vehicle recharging stations.

Energy Efficiency

They increased their building’s energy efficiency by using high quality Energy Star approved lighting fixtures, HVAC equipment, and hot water systems. Learn How You Can Save With Georgia’s Commercial Efficiency Rebate Program


internap interior

100% of building materials used during construction were reused, recycled, and locally outsourced.

Indoor Air Quality

Internap used low carbon-emitting materials and they added a CO2 monitor to measure their carbon emissions. 

What is Atlanta up to now, in 2017?

S.L. Collins Enterprises, a commercial real estate development firm, received a Green Globes rating for their Whole Foods anchored plaza. The building project will be called Peachtree Crossing and is located in Chamblee, GA. This 45,000-square foot Whole Foods Market sits as a focal point to the 107,000-square foot shopping center, and is set to open in summer 2017. Located at 5001 Peachtree Blvd, the shopping center will feature retailers like Chipotle, Zoës Kitchen, YEAH! Burger, Taqueria del Sol, Octane Coffee, and much more. 

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How did S.J. Collins achieve green globe certification? 

whole foods

Improved Irrigation

Lowered water consumption

Plants that survive on little water

Planted trees local to the southern region

Installed Insulated Green Walls

Keeps the exterior walls at the right temperature

Improved Lighting

SJ Collins Development

Site Location

  • Close to the Marta station
  • Close to electric car recharging stations
  • Close to new and upcoming housing developments 


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