Green Globes : Sustainable Architecture and The Green Building Concept

The Green Globes rating system is considered the “Practical Building Rating System.” It can be a great substitute to LEED certification. Below, we will compare the two certification programs to help you pick the right one for your next building project.

Green Building Initiative

Certification Process

Green Globes Certification

Registration Design ConstructionCommissioningCertification
Register with online survey form Stage 1 Self-assessment Stage 2 Self-Assessment Post Assessment Recognition
 Project checklistGreen Globes review  

LEED Certification

Registration Design Construction Certification
Register online with GCBIDesign Phase Construction Phase Review Process
Online tools & resourcesOnline assessment checklistOnline assessment checklistAppeal process 

Rate of Difficulty

GREEN GLOBES Certification
LEED Certification
Difficulty: Low
Difficulty: High
Easy Online Questionnaire application form
Application via LEED online
Easy review process
Long Review Process
Long 3rd party review process Minimum program requirements
No pre-requisites needed
Pre-requisites needed
New versions do not require memberships
New versions require membership
Fairly Expensive
Quick process
Long Process

Rating System

LEED offers several rating systems that are each separated into five different categories: Building Design & Construction, Interior Design & Construction, Operations & Maintenance, Neighborhood Developments, and LEED for Homes. 


Green Globes offers only three categories:

  • Green Globes for New Construction
  • Green Globes for Existing Buildings
  • Green Globes for Existing Healthcare Buildings

Credit Categories

These credit categories are determined by each organization. Before a building project can receive certification, they are rated within each category to ensure they are following energy-efficient practices. While Green Globes measures a building project on a 1000-point scale, LEED rates buildings on a 110-point scale. Below is a list of each category: 

Credit categories

As you can see, both rating systems measure a building’s energy efficiency, water efficiency, air quality, site location, and use of recyclable materials & resources. Unlike LEED, Green Globe gives points for the quality of the management team. During the assessment, a Green Globes member will come to the construction site to review and inspect the management team, as well as all of their documentation. This is a great incentive for a contractor or project developer, as it encourages them to continue doing their best work.

Minimum Program Requirements

Although LEED certification has minimum requirements, or prerequisites, within their rating system, Green Globes does not. LEED requires that every building meet minimum water efficiency, energy performance, and air quality, before receiving certification. The USGBC believes that all buildings should follow a minimum standard of energy efficiency. Green Globes, on the other hand, believe that prerequisites leave little room for flexibility.  Therefore, they have no minimum program requirements. 

Certification Levels

Green Globes:

Certification Levels

LEED Certification:

LEED Certification
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