LEED Certification: LEED Platinum and the LEED Gold Standard

By shakir_williams on 08/16/2017

sustainable building design with LEED certification

There are many ways to improve the energy efficiency of a building. LEED Certification is a great program to ensure the quality and energy-efficiency of your construction project. Now that you know all there is to know about LEED certification, here are some tips to help you score high on your next project! 

    What are Regional Priority Credits?

    Regional credits were designed by LEED to give incentives for projects that address geographically specific environmental priorities, based on zip codes. Consider it like a bonus point for constructing in an area that has specific environmental needs. 

    Regional Priority 4
    Credit  Regional Priority: Speciifc Credit 1
    Credit  Regional Priority: Speciifc Credit 1
    Credit  Regional Priority: Speciifc Credit 1
    Credit  Regional Priority: Speciifc Credit 1

    Did you know that...

    Having a LEED AP on the project is worth 1 point! Learn how you can become LEED accredited!

    What are “Prereq” Credits?

    These credits are required before any more points in the category are allotted. For example: In order to receive the maximum points allowed in the Indoor Environmental Quality category, the building must pass the minimum indoor air quality performance test.

    The building must also include an environmental tobacco smoke control system. The maximum number of points a building can receive in this category is 16 points. All of these points are allotted only when the building has scored high in each additional credit below:

    Indoor Environmental Quality 16
    Prereq Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance Required
    Prereq Environmental Tobacco Smoke Control  Required
    Credit Enhanced Indoor Air Quality Strategies 2
    Credit Low-Emitting Materials 3
    Credit Construction Indoor Air Quality Managment Plan 1
    Credit Indoor Air Quality Assessment 2
    Credit Thermal Comfort 1
    Credit Interior Lighting 2
    Credit Daylight 3
    Credit Quality Views 1
    Credit Acoustic Performance 1

    How can I score high in the Water Efficiency category? 

    For a building to score high in the water efficiency category, it must have indoor and outdoor water reduction plans in place. The same building must also have a water metering system in place. The total number of points a building can receive in this category is 11 points, considering if they score high in each additional credit below:

    Water Efficiency 11
    Prereq Outdoor Water Use Reduction  Required
    Prereq Indoor Water Use Reduction  Required
    Prereq Building-Level Water Metering Required
    Credit Outdoor Water Use Reduction 2
    Credit Indoor Water Use Reduction 6
    Credit Cooling Water Tower Use 2
    Credit Water Metering 1
    How can I score high in the Innovation of Design category?

    The maximum number of credits in this category is 6 points. LEED also offers an additional point for construction projects that have a LEED accredited professional (AP) on site. 

    Innovation  6
    Credit  Innovation  5
    Credit LEED Accredited Professional  1

    How can I score high in the Energy & Atmosphere category?

    Because energy-efficiency is the most important, LEED offers the highest number points in this category. However, before a building can get the maximum 33 points allotted in this category, they must pass four prerequisites:

    • Fundamental Commissioning and Verification
    • Minimum Energy Performance
    • Building-Level Energy Metering
    • Fundamental Refrigerant Management

    Afterwards, it is eligible to receive additional points from the credits below:

    Energy & Atmosphere 33
    Prereq Fundamental Comissioning and Verification  Required
    Prereq Minimum Energy Performance Required
    Prereq Building-Level Energy Metering Required
    Prereq Fundamental Refrigerant Management Required
    Credit Enhanced Commissioning 6
    Credit Optimize Energy Performance 18
    Credit Advanced Energy Metering 1
    Credit Demand Response 2
    Credit Renewable Energy Production 3
    Credit Enhanced Refrigerant Management 1
    Credit Green Power and Carbon Offsets 2
    How can I score high in the Materials & Resources category?

    Before a building project can receive maximum points in this category, it must maintain responsible waste management and sustainable materials & resources. LEED offers a total of 13 points in this category, but first the building must pass two prerequisites:

    • Storage and Collection of Recyclables
    • Construction And Demolition Waste Management Planning
    Materials & Resources 13
    Prereq Storage and Collection of Recyclables Required
    Prereq Construction and Demolition Waste Management Planning Required
    Credit Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction 5
    Credit Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Enivromental Product Declarations 2
    Credit Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Sourcing of Raw Materials 2
    Credit Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Material Ingredients 2
    Credit Construction and Demolition Waste Management 2
    How can I score high in the Sustainable Sites category? 

    This category offers a total of 10 points, considering the building site scores high in each and every credit category. LEED awards points to buildings that manage their construction activity and prevent pollution.

    Sustainable Sites 10
    Prereq  Construction Activity Pollution Prevention Required
    Credit Site Assessment 1
    Credit Site Development - Protect or Restore Habitat 2
    Credit Open Space 1
    Credit Rainwater Management 3
    Credit Heat Island Reduction 2
    Credit Light Pollution Reduction 1
    How can I score high in the Location & Transportation category? 

    LEED awards a maximum of 16 points in this credit category. In order to get the total number of points allotted and receive LEED platinum certification, a building must consider the location, and ensure it has access to eco-friendly transportation options.

    Location & Transportation 16
    Credit LEED for Neighborhood Development Location 16
    Credit Sensitive Land Protection 1
    Credit High Priority Site 2
    Credit Surrounding Density and Diverse Uses 5
    Credit Access to Quality Transit 5
    Credit Bicycle Facilities 1
    Credit Reduced Parking Footprint 1
    Credit Green Vehicles 1

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