Green Globes and Sustainable Green Building Design

GBI, or the Green Building Initiative, started the Green Globes Rating System. It began around the same time that LEED version 4.0 was revealed; another system to rate the energy-efficiency and operations of a building project.

What is the history of Green Globes vs. LEED?


Green Globes


1996BREAM, or British Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, was adopted for Canadian use. 
2002The Canadian system made many changes before becoming Green Globes for Existing Buildings.

GBI, also known as the Green Building Initiative, was given the rights to distribute Green Globes in the United States. 

2013The GSA recommended Green Globes as an alternative to LEED certification.




1993USGBC began.
1998USGBC started their first project test run with the original version of the Green building rating system, later named LEED. 

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design was established, and they continued to improve their rating system.

2009LEED version 3.0 was established, modifying the previous rating system. 
2013By November, LEED version 4.0 was unveiled. The new rating system was established to refine some of the older versions of the system. 
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