ASOR Series High-End Convection Heater

The Stelpro ASOR Series High-End Convection Heater provides heat fast and efficiently. In addition, the option for a built-in thermostat allows you take control of your comfort level. It’s slim and compact design makes it ideal for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, offices, hallways, basements, waiting rooms, and conference rooms. Claim yours to fulfill all your heating needs at a competitive price here with HomElectrical.

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What is an electronic convection heater?

An electronic convection heater is designed to provide efficient heat for any room by way of convection. The air is taken in and then passes over a heating element. Once the air is heated it rises out of the unit and heats the room.

How many square feet do these heaters heat?

The High-End Convection heaters work for rooms up to 350 square feet.

How is a High-End Convection Heater installed?

This unit can be surface mounted only and it must be mounted at least four inches from the floor. Concealed mounting bracket and back entry plate with clamps are included with unit.
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