ASHC Series Electronic Convection Heater

The Stelpro ASHC series convection heater has rounded sides and a stylish modern design that suits any application. It is available with either an ultra-accurate built-in electronic thermostat or without, leaving you the option to control it the way you want. Find one to meet all your heating needs with HomElectrical's competitive pricing.

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What is an electronic convection heater?

An electronic convection heater is designed to provide efficient heat for any room. The air intake is passed over a heating element, which heats the air and makes it buoyant enough to rise out of the unit and effectively heat your room with little energy consumption. They are available with an ultra-accurate built-in thermostat or without to control the heat the way they want.

How many square feet do these heaters heat?

The convection heaters work for rooms from 50 square feet for the 500 watt model, up to 200 square feet for the 2000 watt model.

How is an electronic convection heater installed?

This unit can be surface mounted only and it must be mounted at least four inches from the floor. Concealed mounting bracket and back entry plate with clamps are included with unit.
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