Stelpro MIR Series Convection Heater

The MIRAGE series of convector heaters from Stelpro offer a modern and sleek heating solution for any home or business. Made from an epoxy-polyester powdercoat or stainless steal material, the MIR series can be surface mounted for a space-conserving finish. They also come equipped with a built-in electronic thermostat to offer you the best desired temperature. Browse through our selection of MIR series convector series from Stelpro today!

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How does the Stelpro MIR Series Electronic Convector operate?

This heater unit features two stainless steel tubular sheathed elements isolated with nylon sleeves reducing expansion and noises by pretty much 100%. This uniquely designed electric convection heater is totally quiet, and and can be surface mounted to blend in with any decor.

Where should I mount the Stelpro MIR Series Electronic Convector?

The Stelpro MIR Series Electronic Convector should be surface mounted only (mounting brackets are included in with the unit). The unit can be wall mounted at least 4 inches from the floor, and the unit comes with a back entry plate with cable clamps.
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